Boden Ladies attend AIG and “Greenlight for girls” (g4g)seminar.

On Tuesday 23 May 80 girls(aged 11 -15) from Dublin GAA clubs gathered in the AIG office, Dublin for a fun filled day of Science Discovery to help inspire young girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

Kate Coffey (U13), Laura McGrath (U13) and Sarah Joyce (U16) were the lucky ones picked from Ballyboden St Endas and they had a brilliant day. To start, they each decorated their own lab coats and went on to discover science in everyday life, with experiments using daisies. Next up was the Coding challenge, where they learned about programming and the knowledge behind coding.

Virtual Reality AIG HAKA 360 Degrees followed and seems to have been one of the highlights! The girls got to experience being on the pitch with the All Blacks when they are performing the HAKA –  really cool!!

Finally the day rounded off with the g4g DNA necklace experiment, where the girls learnt about the molecules of life and extracted their own DNA and wore it as a little pendant.

Overall the Boden girls had an amazing day and AIG looked after them really well ,with plenty of treats and fun.

Great memories and inspiration. Thanks to AIG for a really excellent approach to supporting both ladies GAA and girls’ participation in STEM.