Alex Murphy a Ballyboden member set-up e-commerce website

Working exclusively with Aqua Marina, Alex and his team are one of the rare few who have access to the new 2021 range of amazing inflatables. It sells isups, kayaks, dinghies & accessories to cater for the whole family. All the way from beginner to advanced.

Marine based activities absolutely exploded this year and for good reason. There is so much water locally and in surrounding areas which can be explored.

Imagine you could fold your kayak or SUP into a bag. Put them on your back, put them in the car, or take them on a plane. Our kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards fold up into a small backpack so you can take them wherever you want, whenever you want. Once they’re inflated, they’re as solid as the real thing. This is adventure made easy!

My favourite time to use my SUP is after an away game with some of the team or family. Sea water is great for recovery and it makes those long trips a bit easier!

Please visit our website and if you are thinking of buying a product send me a whatsapp on 087 621 3873 or simply give me a call!