Gizmo reports from PUM

If it “takes a village to raise a child”, then it takes a club to reach a 21’s football final…………….

“Painkillers. Has anyone got any pain killers?” roared a dishevelled Maguire as he ran the line of supporters looking to acquire drugs of any description. Nothing new there, I hear you say. But for a change the drugs were not for his own consumption but for the Boden wing back Alex Gavin who had dislocated his finger at the joint (excuse the pun), five minutes into the Under 21’s football championship semi-final. It took the physio THREE go’s to snap it back into place. “We’re taking you off Alex”, said manager Liam O’Dwyer. “You are in your B@@@@x”, replied a determined Gavin. “Strap me up, get me some pain killers and let’s get the F@@k on with this”, was his angry retort. A fighting spirit encapsulated by this fine group of young adults.
That sums up this Boden collective, who were out to avenge last year’s defeat to Ballinteer, at the final stage of this same competition. It was always going to be an epic battle and not a game for the purest. Four points apiece at half time and nine points apiece at full time, it was a battle of will, tactics, discipline and determination.
“An umpire, an umpire, we need a bleedin’ umpire,” roared Maguire again as he ran the line of supporters for a second time. As people ducked for cover, looked out at the traffic on the Firhouse road, tied their shoelaces, feigned heart attacks and generally avoided eye contact, for fear of being plucked from the comfort of the barrier and being deposited beside the posts, with the inherent trepidation of having to call a ‘square ball’ at some stage in the game. But up stepped a great clubman to assist the team in their hour of need. We’re all in this together.
It’s a cliche to say from 1 to 20 the lads gave everything to finally get across the line, after trailing 12 points to 11 following the first period of extra time. But, in this case, it’s absolutely true. Outscoring Ballinteer 4 points to 2 in the second period of extra time was enough to see Boden go through to the final by the slenderest of margins, on a final scoreline of 15 points to 14. Ballinteer will rue the missed opportunity at the end of normal time when they broke the Boden cover and were through on goal. Boden net minder Murray (who was operating with only one fully functioning hamstring) had no option but to drag the lad to the ground and acquire a black card for his troubles. With no substitute keeper on the bench (which is weird for Boden, as they have a tree behind the skills wall that grows goalkeepers at adult level) up stepped Boden wing back Eoghan Gannon, who was having a blinder out the field. “I’ll go into goal Liam”, he shouted from between the sticks. Just for context, Eoghan used to play in goal for a local soccer team, SEVEN years ago. But no bother to the lad, the team needed him, so he did it. And he did a great job as well, conceding only two points during his spell at number 1 and kicking the ball out like a seasoned professional.
“The lads learned a lot about themselves as individuals as well as players today”, said last minute stand-in defensive coach David Gilheaney. “You just can’t coach that cohesiveness and determination that it took to get the job done.”  And how right he is. Because without the supplier of drugs (painkillers), umpires, stand-in defensive coaches, fillers of water bottles at full time, photographers, vocal supporters and coaches, none of it would be possible to give the lads the platform to put in an epic performance and make memories that will last a lifetime.
The reality is, it takes a club to reach a 21’s football final and ye all played your part.
Final Score: BBSE 0-15 Ballinteer 0-14
The Team: Cillian Murray, Barry McGuire, Harry Donaghy, Oisin Byrne, Alex Gavin, Evan Nugent, Eoghan Gannon, Michael McDonald, Ciaran Duggan, Mark McGlynn (0-1), Ryan O’Dwyer (0-2), Robbie O’Reilly (0-2), Daire Sweeney (0-9 (7xF)), Luke Byrne, Eoin Behan, Harry Colcough, David Keane (0-1), Leon Kennedy, David Gannon, Jimmy Meaney, Luke Mulligan Lynch
Thanks to Miriam Doyle for photos. Click here for more.