Our Values

A picture tells a thousand words. The thousands of words we could have on Club and GAA values have been captured in six clever eye catching images. Respect, Teamwork, Community, Inclusiveness, Amateurism and Player Welfare must be at the centre of everything we do in the Club.

It’s fair to say that on a day to day basis those values are seen by the truck load in the work and activity of so many people around the club. And if you’re ever wondering how or what to do in a situation, a glance at the signs might help you land in the right place.


David Sweeney generously agreed to design and produce the signs and set out his own spec which was to be inclusive as possible with genderless characters, lots of colour to attract attention with a fun theme because “children play Gaelic games to have fun”. That child and player centred approach in designing the signs mirrors the values themselves perfectly.