Congratulations to Desmond Fleury, our latest Lotto Jackpot Winner of 2024. Desmond’s lucky numbers of 23, 15, 22, 18, were drawn on Thursday 25th April scooping the €4,000 Jackpot.

  Congratulations to John Maher, our latest Lotto Jackpot Winner of 2024. John’s lucky numbers of 23, 16, 03, 05 were drawn on Thursday 7th March scooping the €4,500 Jackpot. A former Hurler with the club, John is one of our longstanding Lotto supporters so we were delighted to make to call regarding his good fortune last week.

Lotto Committee member Niall Desmond presented John with his winning cheque!

Our 1st Lotto Winner of 2024! Congratulations to Brendan Madden, our 1st Club Lotto Jackpot Winner of 2024. Brendan’s lucky numbers of 15 04 16 20 were drawn on Thursday 11th January scooping the €3,000 Jackpot.

Lotto Committee member Liam Carter presented Brendan with the winning cheque in the club earlier today.