Division Ten Feile Peil Round Up

We assembled at General HQ on the Firhouse Rd  @ 8.55am under the guidance of our genial Commander Keogh, Cliona took a few photos of the lads and they all  looked grand in their new tracksuits …a few of the mothers were also nicely tipped up for the day.

We were dispatched to Beann Eadair – in convoy – as some of our brethren weren’t too familiar with the northside. It was a glorious location ..high up on the hill of Howth… Irelands eye was looking up at us.

Our mentors Eoin &  Stephen (2 gifted musicians) and Graham (some class of an engineer) had the lads well primed for the day ahead.

Our first match was against our hosts …and what a start …Setanta and Neil K tapped over 2 points within minutes of the throw in and we were on our way. Goalie Ben O’ R and full back line Tom D, Ben O’ M and Aaron were solid as they were all day. Ryan R (2)  and Daniel C (2) and Neil K (1 – 2) added more scores and it was 1-7 /0 -0 at half-time.

Our mentors mindful of the long day ahead introduced Conor B, Thomas N and Darragh at half time and the scores kept piling up, next on were Marcus,  birthday boy Ben McG, Brian C, Elliot and the 2 Scott’s – at some stage or another all 24 panel members were on the pitch and every one made a worthwhile contribution. …..the football was only beautiful – tight at the back, well worked up through the middle by Matthew, Harry H, Luke and captain Harry D and finished off in style by Niall McC, Ryan R, Ruaidhri, Adam and Thomas N along with Neil K and Setanta. At the final whistle the score was 4 – 11 to 2 – 0 in favour of Ballyboden.

Cliona M ….back at General HQ was demanding ‘up-to-the-minute’ match reports, via twitter, linkedIn, facebook etc. This reporter sent his one and only report back (old style) strapped to his pet carrier pigeon (Percy).  Unfortunately Percy never made base …we presume that as he was taken ‘out of it’ by a young fellow with a pellet gun in Ringsend or else got ‘the glad eye’ from a cooing hen on his rendezvous around Pigeon House and decided to do a sleep over!

The lads had a good break between matches and maybe loaded up on too many calories of sweet cake and lemonade…but they were there to be eaten and what else could you do?

St Monica’s were our opponents in the 2nd match and they got off to a flying start which we never recovered from. In addition we picked up a few injuries particularly our goalie Ben O’ R and overall we never really got into our rhythm. We fought back well in the 2nd half scoring 1 – 4 but they got 2 late goals and won comfortably in the end.

Nevertheless we qualified for the semi’s due to our superior scoring difference and that was confirmed by the co-ordinator and our own ‘bag-man’ Jack N.  So we were heading for St Anne’s in Raheny – our opponents = St Jude’s.

We ate more sandwiches and sweet cake – thanked our hosts –  took the scenic route up around the summit – onto the coast road  – destination = Pitch 10.

This match had it all and more …..Jude’s were very strong down the centre and started well, scoring 1 – 2 in the 1st 10 mins. Our Captain Harry D scored our opening point following by a brace of goals from Setanta and it was a titanic battle all the way to half time, Jude’s leading 2 – 5 / 2 – 3 .

Our mentors moved Matthew BD onto their roving no 9 and he quietened him. Boden really came onto the game and there was great excitement on the line. Points from Scott O’S (1) , Harry D (1), Niall K (1) and Ryan R (1) had Boden leading by 2 points ……and then the drama unfolded where Jude’s were awarded a goal in very dubious circumstances! After a long delay debating the issue ‘the score’ was allowed stand.

At that stage the Boden lads really showed their worth and battled back to score a late equalising point to send the game into extra time (5 mins per half).

In fairness to both teams they gave it everything…really heart thumping stuff….Jude’s scored 1st and Boden replied, another 2 points were shared and then Jude’s scored another to lead by a point with time running out, Elliot went for a glory goal when a point was on (as any 14 year old should do) and then Setanta was pulled down heading for goal and we were expecting a penalty or at worst a free in…but No –  the referee was blowing for full time …and loads more drama…… a tragedy not a comedy!!!

Best to say the referee was young and inexperienced and entitled to make a mistake or two….

The bottom line – the game is all about a crowd of young fellows/girls chasing around a field after a re-engineered pigs bladder*…and enjoying themselves!

PS We regrouped and headed back to the clubhouse….Mr Suds bought 5 x 24” pizzas, they were levelled in minutes and the lads were on the ‘up again’!

PPS (1) A great thanks to all mentors, parents, club officials, sponsors, supporters, host clubs and not least the players for a truly memorable day!

PPS (2) Finally…. a hope – that all the lads – will still be playing the game together …many, many years from now!

* in the olden days the inside of a football was … an inflated pigs bladder!! (science lesson over).

Rock on!