Football update 27/10/15

Huge congratulations go to our Seniors & Minors who both reached their c/ship finals over the weekend. First up in O’Toole park both Boden & Na Fianna served up end to end football in a pulsating semi-final encounter (pics here). Boden outscored their opponents in both halves but we saw hugely contrasting scores on the board. Boden won the first half by 2 10 to 3 3 and the second half by a score of only 3 to 1. They now go on to face Ballymun in the final. A great effort by everyone and hopefully we can now push on. And so over to Parnell Park for a subdued encounter against Clontarf. We had to dig deep and overcome our gallant opponents by 2 points. Our objective at the start the start of day was to get to the final and thankfully we achieved this. So all roads once again next weekend will be to Parnell Park to take on St. Vincent’s. It promises to be a mouth watering clash.

Lets hear the Boden roar!!!

See report by Paddy Walsh below.

Elsewhere the Minor B’s bowed out of the Championship at the quarter final stage losing to Skerries Harps by 0-12 to 1-07. Well done to all the players and management on a good run. Report by Brian Weldon below. The same fate befelled our Minor C’s as they went out to T.S.S in the quarter finals too by 3-09 to 2-05. Again well done to all on a good year.

Senior football championship semi-final Ballyboden St Endas 0 – 12; Clontarf 0 – 10.

More pics here

Playing badly and winning is better than playing well and losing. Clontarf were well up for this match of the Division 1 team versus the Division 2 team.

The early exchanges suggested that things were going according to plan for us. Ryan Basquel, after 2 minutes, popped over a point followed by a point from a free by Andrew Kerin a minute later. Clontarf got a point back and then Kerinsey popped over two more frees. Things were looking up and we seemed to be on our way. However, Clontarf had different ideas and they scored 3 points without reply to bring the sides level at 4 points each after 18 minutes. In the 25 and 26 minutes Clontarf added two more points and things were looking a bit shaky. Another Kerinsey free brought us back to one behind and then Michael Darragh Macauley got himself sent off for a black card which had followed an earlier yellow. So, down to 14 players with a couple of minutes to go to half time, our backs were now up against the wall. So where do we turn to for inspiration? In injury time up pops Stephen Hiney from full back to knock over a point to bring us level at 6 points each at half time. The second half started with Jack McCaffrey of Clontarf knocking over a point after 3 minutes. An equalising point was then scored by Stepnen O’Connor to keep our spirits high. Two points by Clontarf in the 10th and 11th minutes suggested that we might be in trouble. However, Sean Gibbons scored a great point which was followed by another pointed free by Andrew Kerin to bring matters level once again. On 20 minutes a Clontarf sub knocked over another point to put them in the driving seat again. Another excellent point by Kerinsey brought matters level once again and we were still in contention. Clontarf were looking as if they were trying to run down the clock and a wayward pass was intercepted by Ryan Basquel which led to another free which Kerinsey duly converted. The strength of our bench was shown a few minutes later when Sam Molony (who had replaced Collie Basquel after 15 minutes of the 2nd half) gave a great pass into space to Dotsy O’Callaghan (who had replaced Sean Gibbons 20 minutes into the 2nd half) and Dotsy, showing all his experience and skill, fisted the ball over the bar to put us two points ahead with normal time over. It was then time for us to try to run down the clock and we did so with a few hick-hups but held out for a very valuable win.

We won, and who cares how we did so, and we now face St Vincents in the final next Sunday. Who would bet against us???

TEAM: Conor Dooley; Bob Dwan; Stephen Hiney; Shane Clayton; Stephen O’Connor; Darragh Nelson; Darren O’Reilly; Michael Darragh Macauley; Declan O’Mahoney; Daniel Davey; Ryan Basquel; Sean Gibbons; Collie Basquel; Conal Keaney; Andrew Kerin. SUBS used: Donagh McCabe for Daniel Davey at half time; Sam Molony for Collie Basquel; Dotsy O’Callaghan for Sean Gibbons; Robbie McDaid for Bob Dwan (injured) 25 minutes in 2nd half.

Minor ‘C’ Championship Q/F: BBSE 1-07, Skerries Harps 0-12

A beautiful day in PUM was unfortunately not matched by the performance that this team are capable of and Boden made an early exit from the Championship. We started slowly, looked nervous, created and squandered scoring opportunities, didn’t get into the game and went in five points down at half-time. HT BBSE 0-02, Skerries Harps 0-07. The second half showed a change in attitude where Boden managed to get on top. A  goal early in the second half by Ross McGrath gave hope. However that fluency and accuracy that this side were known for was not there and although we were the better side, could not manage to bring the score line back any closer than two points. It was just one of those days with only two players getting all the scores after 50 mins; normally seven to eight players would contribute to tally. These are a great bunch of lads with great skill and ability, deserved and were well worth more; but that’s football! They put in a huge effort and were a pleasure to work with during the year. The first year minor’s will have another chance next year and we wish the second year‘s the best of luck in the future as they head into adult football.

Team: Stephen McGrath, Barry O’Donnell, Robbie O’Connell, Charlie McPartland, Tommy Burke, Luke Corcoran, Keith Sweeney, Conor Barton, Mark McGee, Cian Lynch, Karl Weldon (0-3), David Leach, Laurence Murphy, Ross McGrath (1-3), John Murphy , Eoin Cashman (0-1), Gavin Morrell, Rory Knight , Aaron Coffey, Shane Bobett

’95 Veterans Draw With Aging Crocks in a Unique Boden 50th Celebration by Mick Maher

Veterans of Ballybodens 1995 championship winning team took to the field again in Pairc Ui Murchu last Saturday in a unique celebratory challenge match. The occasion was the 50th birthday celebrations of John ‘Chippy’ Kiernan, a member of that ’95 team. Chippy, who has lived in America for ages now, somewhere out around the boonies in Cleveland, was home to celebrate his 50th birthday. Brendan ‘Younger’ Young (also known as Dorian Gray, but more about that later), Chippy’s brother in law and Ben (Benjy) Molloy, both also members of the ’95 team proposed a challenge match between veterans of ’95 and any other Aging Crocks (aged footballers!) in the club who could find a pair of boots and, more importantly, a pair of shorts to fit them! Not surprisingly, there was an enthusiastic response to the idea and twenty eight players arrived at the club on Saturday to take part. Two teams were selected by Younger, who, despite being nearly fifty himself, still looks about twenty five. He has insisted however, that he doesn’t have a painting of a very old man in his attic, but most of the lads aren’t sure! The two teams took to the hallowed club turf shortly after 5pm to warm up, and then took a 5 minute break to recover before the ball was thrown in to start the game by referee Mick Maher. The game started at a frantic pace and the ball travelled from end to end at least once in the first five minutes! The quality of passing and calling was excellent and reminiscent of old times. It was clear that despite being older, (wiser? ehhh!), rounder, softer and slower, most of the lads playing had lost none of the skills they demonstrated for years while playing in the Boden colours.

Neither had some of them lost any of the aggressive skills they displayed back in their youth. Colm, not Colin! ‘Readeser’ Reade, who was playing for The Aging Crocks, made several attempts to take out members of the opposition early on. Some attempts were really clumsy, but as he warmed up, some of them were great to watch even though they weren’t successful! Eventually, he calmed down after the referee, Mick Maher, had a word with him. Also playing for The Aging Crocks, Richie ‘Superb’ Connell, a man of silken skills and football vision, had also uncharacteristically decided to throw his weight around and tried to do damage with late tackles on Phelim McCabe and Benjy Molloy of The ‘95’s. However, Benjy had the last word and fouled Richie in rugbyesque fashion by shoving his hands into Richies face as he tried to get past him. The referee, Mick Maher, awarded the free kick and warned Benjy he’d be going to the line if he continued with that filth! Richie was outraged and insisted he’d been punched in the face! The referee, Mick Maher, told him to calm down, that it was more of a slap in the face rather than a punch, to which Richie retorted; “Well Mick, it was a Significant Slap!!” Despite these early potential dust up’s, the game moved along at a cracking pace, so fast at times that it looked like treacle running off a spoon! The Aging Crocks put together some great moves and should have scored seven or eight points in the first half, but, the full forward line of Finbar ‘Never Stops Moanin’ Kiely and Paddy ‘Wacker’ Healy kept going for goals instead of tapping them over. The combined defence of Ger ‘The Haircut’ Flah, Younger (who was taking the game REALLY SERIOUSLY!), Phelim, Benjy, Brian ‘Staffy’ Stafford, Cormac ‘COF’ O’Farrell, Pat ‘The Whippet’ Keane, Marty ‘Maso’ Masterson and Paddy ‘Scutsy’ Greville (with the help of his ‘Superman briefs!’), managed to keep them from scoring. The Aging Crocks eventually registered on the scoreboard when Vinny ‘Still Really Handsome in his Thirties’ Moran, showed that he still has a phenomenal left peg when he slotted over two lovely long range points.

At the other end, Johnny ‘Mac’ McAlister finished off some lovely ‘95’s moves with points that showed that, despite the passage of time, his skills are still as smooth as fish – sorry, silk! As half time approached, at least half the players approached the referee, Mick Maher to find out how long was left! He reported afterwards that it was hard to understand what they were saying as most of them were gasping for air and some were on their knees! The score at half time was The ‘95’s 0-04, The Aging Crocks 0-03. Colm, not Colin! Reade insisted to the referee, Mick Maher, that The Aging Crocks should be leading 0-04 to 0-03 but Mick told him he was wrong!

The second half resumed at the same varying intensity as the first half. The two teams exchanged scores until, finally, Finbar stopped moanin’ and finished off a flowing (!) move to the net to leave the score 1-04 to 0-05 to The Aging Crocks early in the half. The ‘95’s dug in and responded with some excellent football and scores by Johnny Mac, Benjy and Liam ‘Mutley’ Callan pushed them into a 0-09 to 1-04 lead. The Aging Crocks responded again and scores by ‘Significant Slap’ Connell and Ciaran ‘Doyler’ Doyle brought the scores all square again at 0-09 to 1-06. It has to be said that, like Colm, not Colin! Reade, Doyler gave the referee Mick Maher a hard time early in the game by constantly screaming that he and his team mates were being fouled and continuously looking for frees. However, he quieted down and got on with it when Mick explained the rules to him and, subsequently, he had a great game! With less than ten minutes to go, many players were beginning to tire (!). Others were on their knee’s gasping and giving the impression they had found religion, while others still were retching violently and glad they hadn’t eaten before the match! However, some of the lads playing seemed to have defied time and were fit and motoring beyond their years.

Mick McDonald, Don Carolan, Eoin ‘Barreller’ Dunne, Ian ‘Clarkey’ Clarke, Mark ‘Mousy/or/Mugsy’ McGahran, Johnny ‘Still Incredibly Tanned’ Phillips, Younger, The Whippet, even Benjy and the perennially fit Chippy covered huge amounts of ground throughout the game. During this period The ‘95’s surged clear with a fine score from Chippy following a move the length of the field, and further points from Mutley, Mousy/or/Mugsy and Mac. They could have surged even further ahead but a tremendous save by Aidan ‘Aido’ Hoare in the Aging Crocks goal prevented a certain ‘95’s winner. With 3 minutes to go, The ‘95’s were in a seemingly unassailable lead, 0-13 to 1-06. Benjy Molloy was screaming at his team mates to ‘form a ring of steel!’ (or it might have been a wall of steel!) and to make sure the ‘95’s didn’t concede any goals! Sadly for Benjy, his ring didn’t work! An Aging Crocks move went the length of the field and Moanin’ Finbar had a chance to bury it! His poor, tired shot was excellently blocked by Phelim but the rebound fell straight to Wacker who made no mistake and finished it to the net from close in. With just a point now in it, it was end to end stuff for the last 6 minutes! Johnny Mac could have sealed the game for The ‘95’s immediately after The Aging Crocks second goal but his shot hit the upright. From the rebound the Crocks went the length of the field and should have equalised but lost possession in front of goal. Again, The ‘95’s went down the field to try and seal it but stout defence from Ciaran O’Farrell, Martin O’Donnell and Fergus ‘Fags’ McCabe kept them out again. Players (well, Younger mostly!) were screaming that time was up but The Aging Crocks came up the field one last time and Doyler (or was it Readeser?) fired over the equaliser to the delight of the capacity crowd of 40 spectators! (Most of these were wives or girlfriends specially trained in CPR for the day)! In the remaining minutes (!) both teams had one opportunity each to win it but both attacks broke down. Finally, the referee Mick Maher blew the full time whistle and this excellent game ended with the spoils divided.

Final score; The ‘95’s 0-13, The Aging Crocks 2-07.

Postscript 1;

Today’s referee was Mick Maher who has played and coached with Boden for many years. His role as referee in Saturdays match was a new venture in his long career and it has to be said he did a tremendous job controlling such a fast paced game! Following recent hip surgery, he demonstrated the mobility of an Olympic athlete as he constantly strolled between the two 45 metre lines and kept up with the game! He allowed the game to flow and only used the whistle when absolutely necessary! His main reason for this approach was concern that the players on the field would seize up if they stopped! There is no truth in the rumour that a large divot had to be filled in at midfield because he never moved from that spot! (That rumour was put about by everyone!) There is also no truth in the rumour that he favoured The Aging Crocks and played excessive time to allow them to equalise! (That rumour was put about by Finbar!!!), it’s also a rumour that he refereed the game using a 1995 version of the rule book and wasn’t sure how to use the whistle! (That rumour was put about by Doyler!)

Postscript 2; – The Important One

Saturdays game was a celebration of Chippy’s 50th birthday. As friends of his, it was great to see him home for this occasion. He is a Championship winner at home with Boden, in Boston with the Shannon Blues where we played together and, most recently with Cleveland in the North American Championship. While most of us only dream of continuing to play football, Chippy continues to do so at age 50! – it’s a tremendous feat! It was especially great to see how many players turned out to play in this game, acknowledging his birthday and acknowledging him. It’s a testament to the friendship, camaraderie and fraternity that exists between us all in Boden. Following the match, his ‘birthday party’ was celebrated in the club. Everyone had a blast and stayed ‘til very early! I would like to wish Chippy a very Happy Birthday and to thank him for coming home to celebrate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still playing football in ten years at age 60, but if he comes home for that birthday, I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to cobble a team of Crocks together to play a game!!:-)

Finally, the weekend was complete when our Senior footballers beat Clontarf to advance to the final of the Championship once again. Hopefully, 20 years after winning our first, we can win our third Senior Championship title!

Come On Boden!!


The ‘95’s; John Chippy Kiernan, Brendan Young, Ben Molloy, Liam Callan, Ger Flaherty, John McAlister, Paddy Greville, Phelim McCabe, Pat Keane, Brian Stafford, Cormac O’Farrell, John Phillips, Mark Magahran, Ian Clarke.

The Aging Crocks; Paddy Healy, Finbar Kiely, Vincent Moran, Ciaran Doyle, Mick McDonald, Don Carolan, Colm Reade, Richie Connell, Martin Masterson, Martin O’Donnell, Ciaran O’Farrell, Eoin Dunne, Fergus McCabe, Aidan Hoare.

Referee;  Mick Maher