Ballyboden-St. Endas Adult Hurling Committee

Request for Volunteer Helpers for Adult and Minor Hurling Teams


  1. Currently, in 2018, we have 5 adult hurling teams and 2 minor hurling teams. Each team needs the support of a number of volunteer helpers. At present our team mentors have too much work to do. They themselves are volunteers, have full-time day jobs and manage teams in their spare time. And there is a lot of work to be done in managing a team. While our top teams are reasonably well supported and usually have no difficulty in finding umpires, linesmen, first aid, etc. for games, the lower teams usually must depend on “who turns up on the day”.  This is neither satisfactory nor acceptable.
  2. Consequently, our Hurling Committee is putting a major effort into finding a sufficient number of volunteer helpers to help solve this problem.
    • We are asking anyone, who is interested in helping, to fill in the form below and return it to John Ryan, Chairman of the Hurling Committee. There may be a role for you to play apart from the obvious umpiring and linesman, e.g., first aid, record keeping, game analysis, writing reports, etc.
    • Even if you know little about hurling, we can find a role for you. Particularly welcome are parents, friends, wives and, girl-friends.
    • If you are not already a member of Ballyboden St. Endas, you are very welcome to apply to become a member.


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John Ryan, Chairman of the Hurling Committee