Name:Michael Darragh Macauley
Club:Baile Buadáin Naomh Éanna
Date of birth:21/8/1986
Weight: 93kg
If you could merge three players into one to make the Athlete (use as appropriate) who would they be and why?  Lebron James – he’s the most athletic person on the planet, Rafael Nadal – he’s a great competitor,  Usain Bolt – for his ridiculous speed
If your life was to be made into a movie what actor would you like to play the role?: Gabourey Sidibe
Who is the vainest person on the team? Eamon Fennell – He’s been named on so many of these surveys I know he’s not even bothered!
Who has the worst haircut on the team? Seanie Murray BUT its soon to be the best hair on the team, watch this space…
Best day in blue?: Beating Tyrone’s a bita craic
Worst day in blue?: Losing to Cork isn’t much craic
Favourite current player(s)?:Bernard Brogan’s alright
Favourite player(s) from the past?:  Brian Mullins
If you had the power to change one rule in Gaelic football/hurling what would it be and why?: I liked the mark rule, there’s not enough clean fielding in the modern game,
Favourite position on the field of play?:Midfield
If you could have been a spectator at any sporting occasion of the past what occasion would you choose?:  Ali Vs George Foreman – Rumble in the Jungle
Player for the future?: Darragh Nelson
Toughest opponent in Dublin camp and toughest opponent from rest of country?:  All the midfielders have some good battles against each other, Paddy Keenan from Louth is handy
Pet hates?: Serial ‘updaters’ on facebook
Any superstitions?: Yeah loads, little things I do with clothes I wear and preparation. And the ‘Spoon’ if necessary
‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ it’s phone a friend time, who do you call?: Walter Prizeman
If a transfer market existed in Gaelic games who would you like to see signed for Dublin?: Benny Coulter maybe, although he’d be doing well to get into our full forward line
Tip for All-Ireland SFC/SHC?: Dubs double – money in the bag
Favourite other sports and sportsperson?: Lebron James – although he’s close to being replaced after his performance in the NBA finals
Greatest achievement to date?:County Champion
Sporting ambitions?:To be Champion of the World