Minor E Championship  BBSE 4-8   St Catherines 7-8

Approaching this match it is fair to say mentors and players were somewhat concerned given we had suffered a massive defeat in the league to this team (who have ultimately won the league) in July. The preparations for the match were focussed on instilling in the lads the management teams belief in them as a good football team. Trainers Aaron and Joey continue to encourage and support the lads. Lessons learned from the league meant Ciaran Healy in the full back line took on the man marking role of the Catherines danger full forward and likewise Jacques Dalton in the centre back position took on the other danger man “on the forty”. Both man markers played a key role in keeping these quality players a lot quieter than the previous league game.

Thanks to support from the U16’s we were able to line out a strong team and it showed straight from the throw in with midfield pairing of Calum Gray and Marcus O’Byrne winning the ball and starting a confident attacking move that lead to the first goal from Conor Mealy. Another point tagged on by Cillian O’Connor and it was game on. St Catherines looked shell shocked but regained composure and hit 2 points in quick succession. The game was played at a serious pace with both teams committing to 50/50 balls and tackles. Boden got another goal from Cillian O’Connor but Catherines responded quickly with a goal of their own. Further points from Cillian gave Boden a 5 point lead approaching half time. Then the sucker punch came with the awarding of a hotly contested penalty to Catherines which they duly dispatched. Half time whistle went and the lead was just 2 points

The team talk focussed again on the numerous positives and the team started the second half strongly. Points from Conor Mealy and Cillian O’Connor settled but Catherines stormed back to score two quick goals and take the lead. The introduction of U16 subs David Ward and John McGinn paid dividends as within 10 minutes of them coming on they had scored 2-1 between them. With 10 minutes remaining and Boden 2 points up it looked like a major upset was on the cards but this is a quality Catherine team with some excellent pace and that pace is what got them over the line in the end along with some late goals that they would admit were extremely lucky!Boden battled onto the end and despite the real disappointment the team can now see the potential based on this performance and hopes remain high for the remaining games in the round robin series.

Thanks to the following U16s for their excellent support to the team and displays on the day:

James Kinsella

David Ward

James Hanrahan

John McGinn

Jacques Dalton