Boden Pool Singles Final.

Don O’Neill V Roger Healey

Don O’Neill is looking unstoppable this year, he has won the Club competition twice 2014 & 2015. He could be the first to win three on the trot!

However!  Its not plain sailing. His opponant Roger Healey is four times club champion and has not yet lost a final. Both players are well capable of finishing a game from the break so this sets the stage for fireworks!

The 2016 singles final will take place Wednesday 6th April in the Club Bar at 9pm

See you there

Dodder Valley Pool League final.

Welld one to the Boden Blue pool team who won the league final against the Badminton club last Wednesday.

Boden Blue Team- Roger Healey (Cap) Dave Naughton. Seamus Doherty. Karl Young. Paul Coffey. Hughie Cummings. Dan O’Carrol.  Harry Coffey. Brian Doherty.