Please Note: All members with access to Club/Team social media platforms have a responsibility, when using these social media platforms, to not publish or post anything online that might tarnish Ballyboden St Enda’s and the GAA’s image and reputation.

No Club social media platform should be used to post or share material which is :

  • violent, sexually explicit, obscene, hateful, or defamatory.
  • suggests or encourages illegal activity.
  • engages in trolling, bullying, or abusive activity.
  • engages in the disparagement of any race, ethnicity or religion.

In the event of misuse,  there is an obligation from team managements along with the recipients of the inappropriate posts to call it out and address it with the poster of the content. If we do not adhere to this, our Club and particularly those involved in the posts (complicit or otherwise) of inappropriate material all stand to blame.