Name:Anna Fitzgerald

Hobbies:Camogie, Swimming, Gaelic, Hockey, Tennis and Piano

Position in Camogie:Mid-field/Forward

Favourite Skill in camogie:Striking the sliotar in the air and soloing the sliotar

Why do you like camogie:

I like camogie because I love to lift the ball and run into space away from all my opponents, and then strike the ball into the full forwards for them to score a goal! I also enjoy meeting up with my friends.

Match Reports for day trip in Kilkenny

Our first match was away in St. Kierans College in Kilkenny against the Rower Inistioge. We all arrived in our Ballyboden gear, we were given a dressing room to leave all our bags and change of clothes in and then we made our way to the pitch to warm up and start the game. When the match started the Rower Inistioge got a few goals and was leading the way by a good few goals. At half time our coaches had said to not worry about the score as we were playing an older team and just keep working as well as we were. In the second half it was a much closer game.

After our match we had lunch in the school and then met up with all the other team and hung around. We then had to kick off into our second match against Danesfort. We played very well against Danesfort. I played mid field for the second half of that match our backs defended the goals very well, but unfortunately Danesfort got a few scrappy goals which led them to win the match.

After our second match we got an excellent talk from Michael Rice (an X-Kilkenny player) about camogie he gave us very useful tips and tricks for match situations and how to get better at camogie he also answered a few very good questions. We were thankful for the U12’s that had played up and helped us in our matches.

We would like to thank St. Kierans College for providing us to use their pitchs and providing food for the parents and treats for the kids. And we were also appreciated the parents and mentors that gave us lifts to Kilkenny. I really enjoyed the day and I thank all the mentors that helped out and organised the day.


Name: Clodagh Delaney

Hobbies: Camogie, Gaelic Football, Hockey, Basketball and playing the flute

Position in camogie: Half back

Favourite Skill in camogie: Blocking and clearing the ball.

What I like about camogie:

It’s a really fast and skilful game and I make lots of friends through camogie.

Match Reports for day trip in Kilkenny

We left the club house in cars early on Saturday morning, and we were ready to play our first match in Dicksboro at 11.00. We were missing a few girls who were on holidays but it was great to have a few u-12s and u-14s playing with us, so we had a full team. Even though it was raining we started well and scored two early goals but they were really strong and eventually came out on top.

We then went into their club house for tea and sandwiches before heading to have our lunch in St. Kieran’s College. At 2.00 we played O’Loughlin Gaels in the College and won by a few points after another great game. We were all really tired after the two hard games. After that, we had a talk from Kilkenny star Michael Rice, which was very interesting. He told us to practice a lot and always say thanks to our coaches and parents.

Before leaving St. Kierans College, we had a few more snacks, and we got to see all the trophies in the Glass Hall. On the way home we all stopped for a McDonalds – a great finish to a great day.

We all really enjoyed the day and we would like to thank our coaches who organised the trip, our parents who drove cars and supported us, and all the people from Dicksboro and St. Kierans College who gave us such a great welcome.