It was a year which started off with our 2004 ladies aiming to round off their Juvenile years with their 4th straight Championship victories. However, along with all other teams, the best laid plans were scuppered when the competition stopped at semi-final stage in September lockdown.

The girls were lucky to be able to continue training but as the year drew to a close, it looked like it was to be a season without any prize to show for their efforts.

However that all changed last week when the call came through that the team’s numbers had come up in the Boden Lotto – and the rollover jackpot was theirs – €10,500! 

The team had answered the call a couple of years ago when the lotto was being promoted and the suggestion was made at the time about teams entering together.

The girls kept the entry going and they were rewarded when their numbers were drawn on Thursday night.

No big team celebrations of course in these strange times, but given the time of year, each member of the squad will have a few Euro extra to maybe bring the family out over Christmas, maybe an extra gift for long supporting parents, and maybe something small for themselves!

Congratulations girls and Happy Shopping!!