The Boden Theatre Group is in the process of writing a show for Ballyboden St. Enda’s 50th anniversary. We are looking for stories that people may have about the club, that will serve as inspiration. If anyone has stories that may contribute to the show, please contact Mick Keville at [email protected].

The Boden Theatre would like to take everyone who came to see their latest play “Rumours”. The show was a huge success and we look forward to welcoming you again in the spring for our next play called

“I Do Not Like Thee Dr. Fell”.

Trip down memory lane with this photo from the first ever play put on by the drama group. It was in 2000 and it was staged in Sancta Maria. It was a series of one act plays and in this photo, from left to right is: Gerry Hogan, Theresa Lawless, Rose Sheridan, Nicola Codd and Sean Flynn.