The Annual Declan Maguire Touranment will take place on St. Stephen’s Day at 11.30am in PUM.

Hurlers will be given an opportunity to burn off some calories on St. Stephen’s Day in the Annual Declan Maguire Tournament.  This is the 13th Anniversary of the Tournament.

The report below appeared on the Boden website in  January 2005.

The Second Annual Declan Maguire Memorial Trophy held in the club on St. Stephen’s morning was a huge success with a total of over 44 players involved from either Firhouse or Rathfarnham. All the Maguire family were present – Ollie, Olive, Peter, Dermot, Gary, Paula and little Laura. Gary presented the trophy for a 2nd year in a row to Rathfarnham.  Rathfarnham”s Captain this year Emmet Carroll expressed the views of the whole hurling section when he said how much Declan was missed by everyone and how he would have loved a day like today, for the hurling, the camaraderie and the craic. He also thanked all the players involved, the family for their attendance and all who helped in feeding everyone afterwards.

The above report alludes to the fact that Rathfarnham had just won a two in a row.  Rumour has it that Firhouse have had the better in recent years – 9 in a row they claim!!  Just to clarify matters your legality to play with a particular team depends on where you had your Christmas dinner… if you turn right leaving the club, you play with Rathfarnham…if you turn left, you play with Firhouse.   Let’s hope that the numbers turn up on the morning to dust off the cobwebs, have the “craic” and remember one of our great players.

The Minor Match on the day will invlove the Over 35s and a Junior Selection. This game will commence at 10.30am.

Games are currently planned for PUM.  Keep an eye on the website for updates.