Letter from the Chairman

As many of you will have noticed we are in the process of carrying out a number of refurbishments to the Clubhouse and surrounding grounds area. These improvements were badly needed and apart from the contractors involved, I would like, on your behalf, to extend my sincere gratitude to our Club members and staff, who on a volunteer basis, have contributed so much to the refurbishment program.

I thought it best at this stage to provide you with an up-date on where the program stands and a time-scale for completion.

A complete overhaul of the main hall has taken place making it so much brighter and the floor has been sanded and varnished to a very high specification. In addition a new projector and screen has been installed, which will make viewing of major matches much more enjoyable for members. Of more significance, the new projector/ screen system can and will be used by our coaching staff when we convene seminars and other events. Apart from the coaching side, the refurbished facility will make a positive contribution to the social enjoyment in our Club such as the Music & Drama Society and the Cheile dance nights. We hope in time that members of our Club, will utilise the new facility for functions such as parties or other special events.

A number of on-going improvements are taking place in the bar area and a new  HD 51” TV will be installed later this week (in time for the Dublin/ Kerry match) which will make a significant improvement on the old model that has been there for years. In addition the lighting in the bar area, will be improved with the installation of an energy efficient system. The refurbishment being done to the ladies toilet in the bar area, will hopefully be completed by this week-end and the new look gents toilet will be completed during the following week.

Every aspect of this program will be fully completed in time for the All Ireland Hurling Final and we trust that our members especially those with Cork or Clare affiliations will visit our Club and enjoy the occasion in our new look facility.

Brendan Moran
29th August 2013