U13 Hurlers Win Places in Divisions 1, 3 and 5 after Grading Series

[ Monday, 14th May 2018 ]

Last Saturday saw all our 3 of our U13 hurling teams play their final grading matches and awarded places in Divisions 1, 3 and 5 respectively, positioning all 3 nicely for competitive hurling, and allowing for continued movement and player development between teams. For all 3 teams these have been a very competitive series of matches, with both Team 1 & 2 playing against ‘A’ teams from other clubs, while our T3 played all their games against other clubs’ ‘B’ teams. This weekend we finished out with 2 wins out of 3.

BBSE A v Na Fianna A

This has been a strong grading series from Team 1, with strong wins in all their grading games.  Saturday was their last grading match – the boys warmed up with an air of confidence and seemed quite relaxed. Many of them had enjoyed watching the Team 2 beating of Oliver Plunketts in the previous game. Indeed, some of the lads from that match also featured here as they have throughout the grading series.

This game started at full force especially with Na Fianna straight out of the blocks and went 1:02 to 0:01 – they were tough opponents. The Na Fianna mid-field particularly were very strong but did not command the game – between the half-backs, mid-field and half-forwards, we won the battles that needed to be won in that area, with some super blocks made.

Boden were only 2 points up at half time – Na Fianna came out fighting in the second half like we knew they would – we stood up to them and the frees began to come for us – 15 in total – and we closed out the game with a well-deserved the win.

LFT: BBSE A 4:10   Na Fianna A 1:06

FoireannScott McAllister, Gavin Leddy, John McSharry, Kieran Burke, David QuinlivanDarragh Smith, Dylan Timbs, Sean Luz, Leon Murphy, Kevin Byrne, Ryan Culleton, Alex Young, Sean Keary, Conor Butler, James Rusk, Nathan Comerford, Luke Fitzpatrick, Lee McConnell


Coming into this game, our opponents Oliver Plunketts Eoghan Ruadh were unbeaten, and as they warmed up in a Mayo-esqueelaboration of cones, we could certainly see a number of pretty big lads dotted throughout their panel.

From the throw in, OPER went straight down the pitch and popped over a straightforward point, but our lads immediately adjusted, and from there, went straight onto the front foot and put over seven without reply.  That first point was the only time they would lead.

All  over the pitch during the opening quarter, our lads were winning their own personal battles, and getting to the ball first.  They also pressed up and marked close on the OPER puckouts, so for a lot of this period the OPER goalkeeper found it near impossible to find his man as our lads shadowed, harried, and got first to the ball, so puck out after puck out was either dropped back in by our half back line, or was run back in by our midfield and centre forward.

Notwithstanding our scoring though, the OPER lads remained very dangerous, and 2 quick goals brought them right back to within 2 points.   This had now developed into a real battle between the two teams, but goals from Torna MacGearailt (2), Daniel McCarthy and Luke Fitzpatrick – from a well-executed free through the OPER defence – saw Boden take a 10 point lead into the break.

The second half was a much more evenly contested affair as OPER came out after the break like a train, and our full back line was repeatedly called to the pump.  Despite our best efforts, the OPER goals did come, but just as they were getting back to within touching distance, our pressure at the other end yielded results as a series of well taken points, and Zenan Spain nettingour 5th goal, saw Boden run out 6 point winners. This made it a well-deserved 3 wins out of 4 for these lads, and a place in Div. 3.

FT: BBSE B 5:12   OPER A 5:06

 FoireannScott McAllister, CJ Ballance, Kieran Burke, Alex Brady, James Rusk, Mark Keogh, James Casey, Mark McGlynnRian Meaney, Luke Fitzpatrick, Daniel McCarthy, Matthew Callan, Louis Kearney, Torna MacGearailt, Zenan Spain, FionnFlanagan.


BBSE C v Westmanstown Gaels ADespite the one sided appearance of this particular result, our C team have been doing very well in this grading league, beating both Raheny ‘B’ and Clontarf ‘B’ in the process, and only losing out to the group’s 2 ‘A’ teams: St Marks and Westmanstown.  These boys are a real credit to the club.

As sometimes happens in these grading games though, this one turned out to be a bit of mis-match between a Westmanstown ‘A’ team and our C lads.  Despite this, Boden still fronted up, and put in a performance of characteristic determination which saw them come in third in a group otherwise made up of A’s and B’s.  Very creditable indeed by a truly spirited group of hurlers: well done lads – and despite this result, a well-deserved tilt at Division 5 awaits!

FT: Westmanstown 3:10  BBSE 0:01

FoireannCormac Nolan, Colm Prendergast, Conor Carton, James Lawlor, Daragh Corbett, Sean Keogh, Tadhg Tuile, Conor Reynolds, Christopher O’Sullivan, Cathal Keogh, Cathal O’Toole, Jack Doran, Sam Kelly, James Archbold, Harry Judge, Ryan Fusco.

Very well done to all three teams.