TomásO’Reachtabhra opened the meeting welcoming all present, introducing the 50th Anniversary Committee, thanking John Galvin for the wonderful slide show of photographs, old and new of club members and events and outlining the agenda for the evening. Tomás invited club chairman CiaránMaguire to address the meeting.

Ciarán Maguire – Club chairman

Ciarán opened his address paying tribute to our founding members, quoting Isaac Newton ‘if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants’ He spoke of the growth of the club recognising the work of our founders ‘through the toil of their arms’, progressing to the present day, a club with 3,000 members, 400 volunteers, a pool of 10 Primary schools and a budget of €800,000 annually.

It is very important he said, to recognise the high standards set by our founders, the same high standards our members continue to set today, the quality of their work and the contribution they make to the social calendar of the club. Ciarán told the meeting that he invited John Kirwan to form a committee to steer the 50th Celebrations and has great confidence in his leadership. The objective of the 50th celebrations, he said, was to encompass all club members and encourage their input to the events and celebrations surrounding the anniversary.

Tomás thanked Ciarán for his address and extended a special welcome to our club President Kevin Griffin and his wife Dolores. Paddy Walsh was invited to address the meeting.

Paddy Walsh – Archive

Paddy opened his address by reading the minutes of a general meeting of Ballyboden St Endasheld on the 18/09/1969. He said that heheard Paul McGinley, a Ryder Cup Captain, in an interview, speaking of how being a team player and a member of BallybodenstEndas, impacted positively on his success in his golfing career.This interview, Paddy said,stirred in him the importance of documenting the history of our club and the idea of creating a club archive. He appealed for photographs and material from club members to enable him to build up the archive. He said that oral history would form a very important part and interviewing and chatting with members, recalling memories of times and events in the club would add greatly to his archive project. The purchase of specialised equipment has and will enable the capture of valuable memories. Space will be allocated to him to store relating photographs, documents and material and a tight control will apply when the archive opens to club members for viewing.

Tomás complimented Paddy on his professional approach and said that his archive studies have given him the tools necessary to chart and create a club archive.

Tomás then invited Gerry O’Sullivan to address the meeting.

Gerry O’Sullivan – Club history book

Gerry said that the club history he is writing would reflect on the lead into, and on the past 50 years from the club’s foundation to becoming, as it is today the largest GAA Club in the world. This project is a work in progress and that he has been working on it over the past number of years. The history he said will document the threads and characteristics that created the merger of 3 clubs, Ballyboden Wanderers, St Endas and St Josephs to become Ballyboden St Endas GAA Club. He aims to highlight in the book, the strong tradition of expansion, our sense of good organisation and our very high standards, all of which are very well recognised throughout the wider GAA Family. He assured that selections would be fair and said that he will need assistance from club members. Members can forward appropriate information to [email protected]

Tomás complimented Gerry on his preparation for the meeting and on his fine speaking skills.

Liam Deane – Gala night

Liam Deane addressing the meeting said that the events of the year will come to a close with a Gala Celebration on the 29/11/2019 in City West. He said a subcommittee has been formed to organise the event. The committee members areEmer Kennedy Gannon, Ken Giles, Sinead Ryan, Grainne Nolan and Liam Deane.

Tomás thanked Liam for his contribution and his work. The meeting was then opened to the floor inviting ideas and suggestions as to how best we mark the club’s 50 years.

An excellent contribution of chat and anecdotes from many speakers from the floor ensued, and added greatly to the meeting. Many of the suggestions and ideas from the members will be considered in the programme of events for 2019.

John Kirwan – 50th Anniversary Committee Chairman

John said he was delighted with the turn out at the meeting and with the messages he received from those who could not attend. He spoke that his earnest wish was that our seniors will bring Dublin championship titles to the club in 2019. He said that the 50th anniversary should be the motivation to strive to achieve that aim. John also spoke of his wish to have a county handball representative in the Dublin County Championship in 2019 and acknowledged the support of Brian O’Regan, Paul McLoughlin and Brendan Ryan and Emmet Pullen for the sport within the club. He said that all events in 2019 will be branded as 50th anniversary events.

John concluded by stating the purpose of the meeting was to invite club members to air their ideas and suggestions for considerationon how best to celebrate the anniversary. John closed the meeting thanking all for coming and for their input to the meeting and concluded by reiterating that “on the shoulders of giants” puts all into perspective.

Committee: John Kirwan Chairman, Gerry O’Sullivan Vice Chairman – Club History, ThérèseKeville Secretary, Pat Conway, Jim Humphreys, Emerkennedy Gannon, Liam Deane – Celebratory Function ( Ken Giles, Grainne Nolan, Helen Duignan, Emerkennedy Gannon, Sinead Ryan), Paddy Walsh – Archives ( EamonnTreacy, Jim Humphreys, Pat Walsh), Sean O’Connor (Executive Sponsor), Tomás O’Reachtabhra.