Our Ladies Adult Football committee started 2023 with the novel idea of a Launch evening to kick off the new season. And so the 2023 Season Launch was held in the hall last Friday evening immediately after the Ladies Football Annual AGM. Starting off with pizza and refreshments, the committee was introduced firstly to the impressive turnout.

Cliona Mellett, the section PRO, Sonia Worthington, the Injury Coordinator and Deborah Heavey, the Ladies Registrar, gave short talks outlining their roles within the committee, highlighting the important work, time & effort involved and set out the support needed from the players to fulfil these tasks. Key initiatives for the upcoming year were mapped out which were based in part on feedback from the players survey and the collaborative workshop held last year. The new management teams for 2023 were introduced and the night finished with the awarding of some special recognition honours. The Launch was superbly organized by Vice Chairperson Rachel Basquel & Secretary Anna Nolan and their presentations and action plans were excellent in getting full engagement from the players in attendance.

A big thanks to the mentors and the players for attending what was a highly successful evening. Now let the season begin!

The Ladies Football Committee invite our ladies footballers to join them for the Launch of the 2023 Football Season.

The Launch will be held in the hall after the Ladies Annual AGM (Friday 20th January) which is expected to last no longer than 45 minutes. After a short break, the launch will kick off at 9pm with some pizza & beers after which the committee will map out the plans for the upcoming year, introduce the 2023 management teams, award some special recognition honours and much more.

We anticipate a great evening as we gather and look forward to the year ahead.