Result: 3 18 to 2 10

Junior A hurling championship (qtr final) @ PUM v Commercials – The Limrick LAyder Reports

Commercials HC were founded in 1886 and won the county hurling final in 1916, they won 5 championships in a row 1885 – 1889 which has only been matched by BBSE, 2007 – 2011.

The grass in PUM looked well on sat evening – the well digger served us well!

A strong team togged out – it was a night for the ‘show ponies’ (forwards) and they didn’t let us down. Emmet O’C scored 1 – 2 from play, the 2 points …typical – over the shoulder job, outside him Aidan Dundon was lordly – hitting over a rake of points from frees and play – a very skillful performance, Nugent in the corner was all over the shop and scored 1 – 2 from play, Big Luke Basquel was motoring well and had his best game to date, Cashman worked well and got a class point in the 2nd half and James Doody at 11 – was strong under the dropping balls and wasn’t slow to pull – a pre-requisite when playing Commercials.

The backs were well on top….Des had time to score a goal from about 50m out ….a high ball with a lot of top spin that dipped under the crossbar. The 2 Ruairi’s in the corners played well as did Brendan T at 6 and Alan O Connor at 7 …who made 2 great catches from the opposition puck-outs.

Andy H and Neal Farrell at midfield along with Ciaran Falts, Daniel O’R, Garth C, Niall O’N and the curate – Mark made valuable contributions….but special mention has to be reserved for one man – The ‘Joie de Vivre’ of BBSE hurling…Matthew O’Sullivan esq.

Matthew …has the walk of a cowboy …and if he’d been around in the days of the Wild West – no doubt he’d have been ‘Whooping it up in the Malamute Saloon’ –  but we’re in 2018 and ‘those days’ are well behind Matt ….he has seen the light! He made strident efforts to get back into shape and fine tune his hurling skills and be ready for the Championship. Counsellor Dan & Sgt Mick …after much deliberations – went for the ‘Gunslinger’ at No 5 …and did he only deliver a performance…..absolute top notch.  He showcased his full array of skills; catching, striking, hooking, blocking, slide-tackling…the lot. The more the crowd on the clubhouse side cheered the more he wanted the ball ….he could have hurled away all night … the words of Marlon Brando – ‘HE WAS A CONTENDER’!

Rock on.