Result: 1 19 to 1 05

Junior A Hurling Championship v Lucan Sarsfield 

The Limrick Layder turns up in 12th Lock after trip to Croker!

Junior A Hurling Championship v Lucan Sarsfield 8th Sept – 12th Lock on the Grand Canal.

On a fine autumnal evening we followed the fading sun and headed west towards Lucan to battle against their local team named after the great Patrick Sarsfield who lead the line in the Siege of Limerick during the Williamite War before heading off to France with the Wild Geese.

On this occasion the leaders were Counsellor Dan Boland (Manager), Sgt Major Mick Keville (Coach) and a few ‘hangers on’.

A championship match is always different. In my own time you’d always ensure that the togs and socks were washed for the championship……you wouldn’t have to be so fussy for the league…plus somebody would always buy a tube of wintergreen and share it around – no expense spared in being right for the day.

Well – have we moved on …as I entered the dressing room a concocted waft hit me at the door ….a combination of Oil of Olbas, Fancy Deodorants, Coconut Oil and scented fabric conditioner from the Jerseys …….. it was more like an Exotic Oriental Massage Parlour than a hurling dressing room….but I suppose ..that’s what we’re rearing nowdays.

Sgt Major Mick had the lads out doing drills…he’d more cones scattered around the place than the roadworks back over the bridge heading for Peamount. The Counsellor was ….. nice and calm …. having a few individual pep talks with a few distracted souls – but there’s a steeliness behind that gentle exterior …where-as – the Sgt Major is like a bon bon sweet….hard on the outside but a soft caramel on the inside…..they’re some pair!

Aidan Dundon (he of the Tipperary Dundon’s…not the Limerick shower) got us off to a good start with a few points from frees and one from play – after a great run and pass by James Doody.  At this point the Magaluf 5 (Hestor, Cashman, O’Roirdan, Nugent & Glynn) were showing no major after effects of their sojourn in Maga. In fairness Cash and Glynn are maybe not quiet back to their best – but will get there (probably too much sun) …..but the other garlics …t’was like a tonic for them! Nevertheless all were doing well – a nice turn and point by Cash and 2 great runs from Nugent and O’Riordan led to frees for Aidan that he duly dispatched.

At the other end of the field the full back line were lording it over their opponents….the smiling, dancing Des O’Sullivan was very steady…Hestor in the corner was having his best game and was a contender for MOTM ….only that his comrade in the other corner Ruairi Kirwan was playing out of his skin.

A good passage of play started from the puckout (Ronan Sharkey who was steady all day, pucked out very well…and kept a clean sheet) found Hestor….who found James Doody…who gave a great pass to Emmet O’C …and he buried it …as has been his want …down the years! Half time, BBSE 1 – 11 L. Sarsfield 0-5.  Susan on 1st aid and nutrition – had the Jaffa Cakes and pastilles all set for the break.

Aidan gave a good speech at half time before Sgt Major took over and fearing some complacency setting in – threw in a few choice words …and settled a few scores…… Cody would be proud!

The half back line of Alan O’Connor, Brendan Treacy and particularly Jacques Dalton were well on their game and hitting in some great diagonal ball to the forwards along with the 2 workhorses in mid-field Neal Farrell and Andy Hand (unfortunately I don’t have a daughter…but if I had – I be very happy to have Andy calling up to the door …looking for the convey!)

In all fairness the lads didn’t drop their intensity … a dodgy option with the Sgt Major prowling the side-line like a man on manoeuvres! The scores kept piling up …..Eamonn O’ Gorman came off the bench and scored 2 points, Tommy Glynn took over at No 6 and Mark McGovern slipped into his customary position at no 2. (Mark McG …a quietly spoken gentleman who could either be a Priests Curate or an Assassin) …a corner back in every sense of the word!

Ciaran ‘Flats’ came on a showed well for the ball along with Eoin Giles and kept up the pressure and the Sarsfields backs. The final score – L. Sarsfield 0-5 BBSE 1 – 19.

Susan commandeered a 2nd dressing room for the after party and laid on a great spread of sandwiches, cakes and a multiple choice of beverages. Having the sustenace on-board allowed us to take a detour on the way home and call into Mick in the clubhouse for a bit of a chat about the match.

By the time we arrived The Senior B hurling crew …..after their good win earlier against St Olaf’s were well ensconced on the high stools ….led by their management team (‘Debonair’ Manager -Brendan Moran, Selector – Jeremiah C. Corcoran …from Cork…where else! ..and Coach – Brian O’Shaughnessy – hardy buck from Kilmallock). The club chairman Ciaran was there along with his thespian wife…who was just back from doing a few laps of the Camino and preparing hard for the big drama/play being planned for the club’s 50th Anniversary next year. Eamonn Treacy was there – he was in great form…his son Brendan stood him a pint!  We all joined up and had a very sociable get together…the way it always was and should be!

Rock on,

p.s.  It always surprises me that when playing away to L. Sarsfields at the 12th Lock …most mentors/supporters take the M50 North and head out the Galway Rd……a much nicer trip –  head out the Naas Rd, turn off at Rathcoole and travel through Newcasle,  Peamount etc …. a-way more interesting journey! That’s where Dublin is headed!


Back Row (l to r): Jacques Dalton, Daniel Nugent, Thomas Glynn, James Doody, Daniel O’ Riordan, Ruairí Kirwan, Neal Farrell, Eamonn Gorman, Eoin Giles, Alan O’ Connor, Des O’ Sullivan, Ciarán Flaherty

Front Row: Rónan Sharkey, Emmett Carroll, Mark McGovern, Ruiarí Hestor, Ciarán Cashman, Brendan Treacy, Andy Hand, Kevin Lalor, Aidan Dundon,