Result: 1 14 to 2 13

AHL 4 – BBSE just fall short after trip to west – Limrick Layder reports

There was always a 2 month gap between the end of the Shooting season (31st Jan) and the start of the hurling season (a time when you could put the gun away, have the cows calved and have a  few hurley’s fixed up for the season ahead). But due to global warming, all weather pitches, over enthusiastic mentors etc the season now starts before the end of Feb.

The Junior A’s are under the tutelage of Counsellor Dan and Sgt Major Keville and have been preparing well over the last few weeks, however a few of the lads are still carrying a bit of conditioning that in times past would have been shed over a long winter.(The Sgt M. will sort that out!)

Nevertheless the troops headed west on Sunday morning to take on St Brigid’s in Castleknock. The lads were put through their paces by Matt – Sgt Major Keville was on leave for the day – to nobody’s dismay!

After a slow start our captain Aidan Dundon (no relation to the Limerick crowd) scored 2 points from frees followed by a good point for Ciaran Cashman (a tidy footballer) making his debut at adult level.

Brigid’s then scored a good goal off a ball won out in the half forward line which could have been cleared (it’s early days so we have to cut the lads a bit of slack…but rest assured the genial Counsellor Dan may not be so forgiving in the middle of August).

Eamonn G, Neal F, Niall O’N and Liam Mc C  scored a point a piece from play followed 1-1 from Capt  Dundon from a 20m free and a 65’ leaving the score at half time 1-11 to 1-3 in favour of BBSE.

It must be mentioned that BBSE were playing downhill in the 1st half ….and with the help of a strong wind.

Susan Creed provided sumptuous half time refreshments for the lads as they were facing a battle in the 2nd half….and so it proved.

No 12 from Brigid’s was finding his range from frees and the gap began to close. However the lads worked hard – especially the backs and goalie and it was tight all the way to the finish. Unfortunately Brigid’s got a break with a right poxy goal and finished up winners by 2 13 to 1 -14.

Overall it was a good performance and good heart can be taken from the match. As already mentioned the backs and goalie – especially Mark McG (2) and Des (3) – played well, mid- field with Liam & Neal and Aidan up front. Ruairi Hestor was introduced at half time and played a fine 2nd half – making his debut at this level.

In the post-match interview Counsellor Dan was overall ‘happy’ with the performance of his team – but he is from Tipp… so say no more!