Feile was great, being with friends & making new ones & when referee blew whistle in final match, was best feeling ever.‘  Aoife (Gollogly) Doyle
“Great weekend with the best team and coaches I could ask for … best moment ever when the whistle blew on Sunday, unbeatable moment that I will never forget” – Aoife Sharkey
The Celebrations at the end were the highlight and it was great that the B team were there on the pitch to celebrate with us too” – Anna Kinsella
There’s something about hosting a Féile the familiarity with surroundings, so many familiar faces and the organisation of Saturday at the club was second to none. The girls arrived in their fabulous Féile gear, went to the dressing room and out onto the pitch for a group photograph (thanks to Cliona Mellett and Miriam Christie for that). The warm up with Cathal and Adam and suddenly we were up.!
Ballyboden 7-1 Ballinteer St Johns 2-0
Our inspirational Captain Gloria Cramer Curtis went in for the toss and we were playing down the slope. Urged on by a large crowd Ballyboden took the lead , An incredible defensive effort and some fine saves by Abbie Melia kept Ballinteer at bay before they scored two qucik goals to jump imto the lead. As half time approached Boden struck again to Level it.
The pressure was on the girls now as Ballinteer would be playing down the slope in the second half. Ballinteer started brightly and were camped in the Boden half but just couldn’t score as the Boden girls gave everything defending en masse and letting little or nothing past them. Boden broke forward and Aoife Gollogly Doyle finished off a brilliant move to the back of the net. Confidence swelled through the team and before long goals from Enya Kennedy, Emily Tuite and another from Aoife Gollogly Doyle put Boden in a commanding position. Further goals came from Enya and Aoife before Heather McGrath scored a fine point to top an excelent performance from the girls.
Scorers Enya Kennedy 3-0, Aoife Gollogly Doyle 3-0, Emily Tuite 1-0, Heather McGrath 0-1
” Feile was amazing , the team,  the matches and the celebrations when we won. ” …..Caoilin Dunne
It was an amazing experience overall and such an honour to play with a great team” – Jenny Maguire
It was a great weekend, the celebrations afterwards were the best part. Thanks to our brilliant coaches Dave & Alan and all our supporters especially the B team”. Emiliy Tuite
Next up Castleknock who had beaten Raheny in their first match.
Ballyboden 0-1 Castleknock 3-0
First half and Boden had a long spell in the Catleknock half and came close a few times, hitting the post and their goalkeeper was in top form. Abbie Fitzgerald, Emily Tuite , Laura McGrath, Caoimhe O’Neill and Senna Culbert realy showed the determination of the team with their never give up attitude. The girls played really well but were unfortunate to be down by two goals at the break.
Castleknock scored another early in the second half but the girls didn’t give up.  The girls performance was rewared with a great point from Julie Brady but alas they couldn’t get the goals needed.
Scorer Julie Brady 0-1
There was a great atmosphere in the club on Saturday and the games were very exciting.” Enya Kennedy
A brilliant weekend with a brilliant group of girls and super coaches – I’ll never forget winning my first proper Camoige medal” Julie Brady
I had a super time and I scored a point and the coaches were nearly as good as the u13 ones and no one told me to say that.” Heather McGrath
On then to a do or die match against Raheny
Ballyboden 1-02 Raheny 1-0
The girls had shown grit and determination in their earlier matches but this was just a different level altogether. Each and every girl played to the limits of their ability and beyond. They harried, tackled soloed, pucked as if their lives depended on it. Boden took the lead through a great goal from Enya Kennedy and again defended heroicically with Sofia Nulty, Anna Kinsella and Aoife Sharkey really holding the full back line up well. Raheny managed to get a goal and the teams went in level on a goal a piece.
Second half and Boden had a lot of pressure Gloria Cramer Curtis was immense along with Rachel Coyle and Jennifer Maguire. Julie Brady ,who was excellent from the placed ball all weekend, gave Boden the lead and was unlucky to have what she thought was a point declared wide after some deliberations. It was heart in the mouth stuff with Saoirse Mahon,Ailbhe Christie and Aoibhe Johnson all catching the eye. Karyn Burke came on and made a massive difference when she did. Abbie Fitzgerald added another fine point to increase Bodens lead. Still it was a two point lead and a goal at the other end would have put us out. It was incredibly tense as the final whistle neared. Boden battled on bravely and there were magic scenes when the Ref blew the final whistle and we were into the final!!
Scorers:  Abbie Fitzgerald 0-1, Julie Brady 0-1, Enya Kennedy 1-0
Camogie fèile 2018 was the BEST experience of my life.Getting to the final was some achievement I am so proud of my teammates. I would love to do it every year but unfortunately you only do it once. I would like to thank my coaches for putting in all the hard work for training us,and all the people who helped our coaches. P. S. And most importantly ADAM he was the best physio I’ve ever had” Karyn Burke
 it was such a great weekend and I was so happy to be playing up with such a fun group of girls” Abbie Fitz
“It was truly an amazing weekend with the best team I’m sure I made my full back line deaf with screaming but when that whistle blew on Sunday I was over the moon with joy. I’m happy to say I let in one goal or I missed a few because I know my team would never judge me for that and brush it off” Abbie Melia
After a good nights sleep it was off to St Peregrines for the final where we were to be up against a Castleknock team that had beaten us the previous day.
We went out onto the pitch for the warm up and the crowd assembled in the stands. With the B team in their final after our game there was a massive Boden contingent there to cheer the girls on.
In the dressing room Abbie Melia aided by Dave Melia gave the pre match speech and out again we went onto the pitch for the final few minutes before the match.
Ballyboden 1-3 Castleknock 1-1
Team photos taken, Gloria went up up to the ref for the toss. The ball was thrown in and we were off. It was an incredible game with both sides giving everything and not giving an inch. Our girls showed a determination to be first to every ball, to keep tight on their markers and no easy balls. It was a stunnning performance from the girls. Boden came close to scoring a number of times and we were wondering was it going to be one of those days. Then finally Boden got the breakthrough with a goalmouth scramble and Saoirse Mahon (or Emily Tuite) managed to poke the ball into the net for a well deserved lead. The roars from the stand could probably have been heard on The Firhouse Road such was the volume of support Boden had. Castleknock are a good side though and scored a goal and a point to put themselves into the lead. Abbie Fitzgerald playing brilliantly (and later getting a well deserved player of the match trophy) scored a great point to equalise just before the break.
Half time and the match level at 1-1 a piece.
The water, oranges and Jellies were taken and off we went into the second half.
Boden were immense. Each and every girl gave absolutley everything they had. They blocked, they harried, they showed an inspiring level of determination. Julie Brady got a fine point to put Boden in the lead again. The roars from the stand got louder and the girls responded by giving even more!  The clock ticked down and Caoilin Dunne scored a wonderful point to put Boden 2 points ahead. The closing minutes were tense but the girls hung on. The Ref bew the final whistle and Boden were Champions. There were massive celebrations as the girls hugged each other thrilled to be Champions. The Boden B team came on to Warm up and interupted their warm up to run to the girls and celebrate with them. The girls then went to the crowd and were given a massive deserved ovation.
Finally our captain Gloria was presented the Trophy and made a fine speech. There were great celebrations and we all stayed to cheer on the B team in their final.
Scorers: Abbie Fitzgerald 0-1,  Caoilin Dunne 0-1, Julie Brady 0-1,  Saoirse Mahon (or Emily Tuite ) 1-0
 “Fèile was the best weekend of my life and I will never forget it. It was great to win with an amazing group of girls and brilliant coaches after all our hard work and effort” Caoimhe O’Neill
The whole weekend was really enjoyable and when the final whistle blew we were so happy.” Aoibhe Johnston
” A weekend I will never forget,I  was honoured to be captain of such a lovely group of girls so proud of all well done girls x -Gloria xx
Back to the club to celebrate where the girls had Spice Bags and Pizzas and juice (the mentors had a well deserved ‘juice’ too) before being presented their medals.It was a wonderful weekend and the girls are a credit to themselves , their families and the club. Thanks so much to all involved in the team especially Dave Melia who runs the team with such enthusiasm. Thanks to Alan, our wonderful FLO Teresa, Cathal and to Miriam for the incredible pics from the weekend. Our resident Umpires Jason and Dave. Thanks also to the club, Eoin Reid, The Camoige Committee, The County Board for organizing such an amazing competition. Thanks also to Friends First for sponsoring the girls jerseys. A special thank you to all the girls families too. Thanks also to  Rob Lambert, Ken Regan, Tony Morley ,Paul Newe and Melissa Pender The B team mentors who train the team with us each week.
 “The best weekend ever, I had so much fun with the best team and coaches ever. It was the best feeling ever when the whistle blew on Sunday
Rachel Coyle
 “It was the best weekend ever I’m so honoured to play with such amazing and Friendly group of girls thanks for making me feel part or your team – Ailbhe
Had a brilliant Feile weekend, will never forget the excitement on Sunday when we heard the final whistle🎉. Thank you so much to my great team mates, the best ever coaches Dave & Alan and everyone that supported us.” -Laura McGrath
Panel :
1.Abbie Melia ,2.Aoife Sharkey ,3.Anna Kinsella ,4.Sophia Nulty ,5.Caoimhe O’Neill ,6. Ailbhe Christie ,7.Laura McGrath ,8.Gloria Cramer Curtis ,9.Rachel Coyle ,10.Emily Tuite
11. Karyn Burke ,12. Aoife Gollogly Doyle ,13. Aoibhe Johnson ,14.Senna Culbert. ,15.Saoirse Mahon ,16. Abbie Fitzgerald , ,17. Julie Brady ,18.Heather McGrath,19. Caoilin Dunne , 20.Jennifer Maguire, 21.Enya Kennedy
Managemet: Dave Melia, Alan Kinsella, Teresa Redmond, Cathal Fitzgerald , Miriam Christie.