The One Good Club initiative came to an end on Monday 10th May. Over the 10 weeks a wide range of activities were completed across the 5 themes, Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.
To all in our club community who wrote, baked, walked, sang, labhairt Gaeilge, got involved in any way along the way, thank you all so much. The committee are very grateful for your participation, support and encouragement.
Well done to the One Good Club Committee on delivering a diverse and engaging programme in those long weeks when collective Gaa training wasn’t allowed. Led by Deborah Heavey, the all women committee enjoyed working together and rose to the challenge of delivering such a programme amid Covid restrictions. We are fortunate within the club to have such active social media accounts which helped greatly in getting the message out.
The ladies are looking forward to The One Good Show tonight, when all 25 clubs will get together for a celebratory evening on Facebook Live and 3 winners of this programme and competition will be announced.

One Good Club committee: Deborah Heavey, Cliona Mellett, Aoife Dwyer, Clare Hannigan, Hannah Hyland, Jenni O’Connell agus Trisha Walsh

Lidl One Good Club™, in association with the LGFA and Jigsaw, is a new initiative offering selected clubs the opportunity to support all members to engage in activities that can promote better mental health and well-being.