“Coaching the Boden Way”
The club is embarking on a new coaching development programme, run by the Coaching & Games Executive. The aim of this programme is to standardise the quality of coaching across the juvenile teams in Football, Hurling, ladies Football and Camogie, and will focus on go-games teams. It is recognised that while the boys & girls receive very structured and quality coaching during their time in the academies, what happens when they leave and before they reach minor level, is that the standard of coaching they receive is dependent on the quality of mums and dads involved with that particular year. In an effort to eradicate this element of “pot-luck”, the club has appointed a number of club coaches, who will spend blocks of 6 weeks with a particular group with an aim to, introduce a “Ballyboden way of coaching” that will be standardised across all groups.
We have begun this programme with the current under 8 boys hurling group and next week the programme will start with the under 8 ladies footballers. After Christmas it will be the turn of the then under 9 boys football and Camogie teams to begin the programme.

How does the programme work?
After an initial workshop with members of the Coaching & Games Executive, there will be a group of experienced coaches who will attend 6 sessions with the teams. These coaches do not have children in the group. They will assist the teams coaches with planning and running the sessions on a games-based approach, but will incorporate skill drills as well. There will be regular review sessions planned with the coaches to iron out any problems and to assist with the smooth running of the programme.

Pictured above – The coaching workshop run by Brian O’Regan, Paul McLoughlin and Paudie O’Neill from the Coaching & Games Executive.

What are the benefits of this programme?
The programme is designed primarily to ensure that as a club we are meeting the needs of all of the children while we are trying to develop their skills and reach their potential. Having fun, building self-confidence, developing social skills as well as improving their skill levels through games are all ways to enhance children’s enjoyment of the game and enrich their experience of Ballyboden.
Secondly, this programme will develop the knowledge and capabilities of the coaches in the group, and to make sure that the children are receiving the best coaching possible during their time with Ballyboden.

Pictured above – Conor Robinson, Tommy Keogh, Paudie O’Neill and Julie Kelleher put the under 8’s through their paces.