Dear Members
As a club, we have been very diligent regarding implementation of measures to ensure the safety of spectators and players, and this has been as a result of hard work and effort by many, many people who have been tracking player check-ins, stewarding games, providing signage and sanitiser, ensuring a safe environment etc.  This has been tremendously hard work on top of the normal effort to train and prepare teams and compete in games, and we have received compliments from referees and opposition mentors as to the quality of the preparation and precautions taken at games.
As the numbers of cases reported increases across the country, we must remain steadfast and diligent in implementation of the protective measures and procedures.  Can we especially:
  • Continue with health check-ins before every session
  • Continue to sanitise equipment used after every session
  • Avoid car-pooling to training or games.  If car-pooling cannot be avoided and members of different households must travel in the same car, then masks should be worn.
  • Encourage all club members and players over the age of 16 to download the HSE app to their phones as this is hugely helpful for tracing in the event of a scare.
  • Continue to insist that all players bring their own water bottle to training and matches.  Shared water bottles must not be used.
  • Check-in to the GAA app to confirm health status should be done on the morning of an evening session or the night before for a morning game or session.
Many thanks for all your efforts up to now – let’s continue to be diligent to ensure that we can complete our full programme of games in a safe manner.