• South Dublin County Council (SDCC) propose to construct an all-weather sports pitch in Ballycullen
  • The proposed location means the Club would lose an adult pitch and three juvenile pitches
  • The Club will have very limited access to the new facility
  • There is no provision for pitches to replace what is proposed to be taken away
  • Loss of these pitches would leave the Club unable to field teams, play home games or run Boden Óg in the way it does today
  • The proposal could have serious implications for the current entrance, car parking and dressing rooms
  • SDCC are proposing this development through the “Part 8” Process which means the decision is made by the elected members of the Council
  • There is no appeal process after the decision is made at a Council meeting

SDCC have invited submissions in respect of the proposal. The Club will hold an Information Meeting on Tuesday May 30th at 9 PM in the Club Hall in respect of the submission process which closes on June 9th. This meeting is critical to maintaining the Club’s infrastructure. All Club members are requested to attend. Club supporters and neighbours are also welcome. All training sessions to finish by 8.45 on May 30th, to enable a full attendance.