When ordinary people live through extraordinary moments

Sweaters and Small Stuff  is a wonderful collection of stories, depicting some of the most tender and sweet, to the tragic and harrowing , instances in the lives of many.

From the life-changing to the seemingly mundane, this thought-provoking anthology will take you on a journey that won’t easily be forgotten. The two-part volume brings you a very different story for every day of the week in the first section. From Sundays and Secrets, where a young girl’s life is changed forever on a Kerry beach to Fridays Photographs, where a tale of abuse takes an unusual turn.

In part two, Foreign TV Stations is a funny take on a stroke of luck,  “A Model Mother,” tugs at the heartstrings and 30-minute-meals  gives real food for thought.

Sweaters and Small Stuff  offers a varied and enjoyable read for ordinary people looking for extraordinary moments.