Result: 0-06 to 0-07

Jekyll & Hyde, the Werewolf, 2 Face….all fictional characters but each very complex in their own right. Which personality turns up is anyones guess, each has their strengths, weaknesses, flaws, cuteness, divilment. Never shirk a challenge, meet their foes head on, fight tooth and nail for what they want. Come into their domain at your peril, back them into a corner and they will come out blazing!

At the moment it feels like a wee bit Jekyll & Hyde in the JA camp. Commitment can never be doubted, the quality is there in abundance, clear for all to see for sure. We can be that beast on the field of play, it just has to be unlocked. All it takes is a trigger, a spark, a challenge, a defining moment in a game. I absolutely believe we can unleash that beast, that controlled aggression. It has to happen sooner than later.
This was a game that got away, no doubt. We can curse our bad luck on the day but you create your own luck at times. If the ball had gone 1 inch to the left of the upright bar, if we could have been a wee bit more clinical in our handpass, if we could have just settled on the ball a bit more. I can’t praise the lads enough, to give up their free time, to come out on a chilly Sunday morning can only be applauded. But we have to turn that corner and we will do it together, as a team.
The beauty is we have another game just around the corner. The chance to put everything right. We are looking for a response from everyone now. Knowing the lads, they will react in the right way. The challenge will be accepted, we are wounded but not out of this by a long shot. JA Abu!
Report by Martin O’Donnell.
Alan Kennedy, Barry O’Donnell, Michael Dunne, James McTiernan, Kevin Cronin, Ian Clarke, Shane Bobbett, Conor Barton, Cormac Smyth, Aiden Garvey, KevinO Reilly, Carl Maloney, Sam Lally  (1pt) Eoghan Monaghan, Ciaran Doyle  ( 5pts)
Subs; Ryan Bradshaw, Rory Jordan, Conor Deane, James Hutchinson, Damian Kenny, Sean O Donnell.