Junior A’s Storm Fort Lucan – Gizmo reports from Adamstown

“It was a good first outing for the lad’s and they got the result they deserved after 6 weeks of intensive training”, said the notoriously tight-fisted mentor, Tony Duffy. He went on to say, “we are just getting to grips with a new style of play and that will take time to get right” as he rummaged under the seats of MY car for any spare change.

A hot and humid Adamstown was the venue for the first round of this year’s Northside / Southside / No promotion / No relegation series of glorified friendlies, thinly veiled as a league. Thankfully, the new rule changes allow for 7 substitutions which afforded every member of this battle-hardened band of brothers some game time.
From the off, the front three of Kenny, Kenny and O’Reilly (That’s two lads with the same surname, I don’t have a stammer) caused havoc with Damien Kenny registering 5 of Bodens first quarter, 7-point tally. The other two points coming from ‘man mountain’ Mark Walsh after exquisite lung bursting runs from the middle of the park. A shell-shocked Lucan only managed to register a solitary point in the first 15 minutes and promptly dropped in a sweeper to try and stem the relentless blue wave.
The second quarter saw a rare error from the Boden defence which allowed Lucan in for a goal. This was quickly followed by a brace of Lucan point’s, which ultimately turned out to be the home team’s best spell in the game. “I told the lads to refocus on our training principles”, said defensive marshal Michael Dunne, a man of few words and even fewer thoughts. He went on to say, “You don’t want to be going in at half time and have to listen to angry Nell.” A reference to mentor Declan Maguire who bears an uncanny resemblance to Nell McCafferty if she were bald.
The Lucan revival was short lived as the half forward line of Cullen, ex dual star and full-time footballer O’Donnell (Sean) and Archibald ran at the Lucan defence, creating a multitude of scoring opportunities. Following an intricate passing move, ex hurler Kenny (Jack) ghosted in to raise a green flag for the visitors. Another brace of points from Kenny (Damien) and one from midfield powerhouse Callum Grey saw Boden led 1-10 to 1-3 at the break.
Team tactician and part time toothpaste model, Richie Connell said, “The back six of O’Donoghue, Ralph, Leahy, Gilheeney, O’Donnell (Barry) & Dunne are exceptional. Adam Farrell’s laser-like kick outs are providing a real attacking platform.”  He went on to say, ” I got a lift out with Tony, and he is after stiffing me for €50 petrol money and I’m nearly sure he drives an electric car.” Richie is very much a man of the people, if those people are angry Dad’s that drink too much.
As the second half got underway, a definite ‘Turning point’ was when Archibald perfectly executed the dying art of the “Fair Shoulder”. And I use the word ‘Fair’ in its broadest context. As a Lucan defender attempted to carry the ball out of defence, he was met by the Clavicle and Humerus of Archibald going at full pelt. Picture a fully laden express train crashing into a stationary pensioner standing outside 10 O’clock mass, and you have a mental picture of the devastation.  With a psychosis in his eyes and the smell of fear in his nostrils, Archibald stalked the Adamstown savannah until he found his next prey and find him, he did…………..Like an encore at the end of your favourite Opera, Archibald made shite of yet another Lucan defender. Fairly, I might add. As Archibald turned to feast of players lying in wait, foam cascading from his mouth, Lucan players and mentors could be seen scaling fences and walls for their own personal safety. So, one could hang the tag of ‘Turning Point’ on Mr. Archibalds execution of the dying art of the Fair Shoulder.
Oh yeah, back to the game sorry, seven squad players were introduced Hughes, Craven, Garvey, McTiernan, Irwin, Doogan and Murphy and we ran out winners 1-18 to 1-4.
But a final word of warning, if you happen to meet Archibald in the wild, do not under any circumstances approach him. Quickly put on your emergency Ballyboden jersey (there are no recorded attacks of people wearing Blue and White strips) and move away slowly. Please do not run as he sees this as an act of aggression and could pounce, and slowly move to higher ground. As I would doubt he likes running up hills!!!!!!!!!!!
Next up: St. Judes at home on 27th June
Squad and scorers as it appears in the picture:
Back Row L to R: Damien Kenny (0-7 (3xF)), Emmet Doogan, the one and only…..Mr. Ciaran Archibald pictured here in his natural habitat, Mark Walsh (0-2), Larry Murphy (0-1), Michael Dunne, Conor Cullen (0-2), Dean Ralph, Callum Grey (0-1), Kevin O’Reilly, Craig Irwin (0-1), James McTiernan.
Front Row L to R:Barry O’Donnell, Aidan Garvey (0-1), David Gilheeney, Alex Craven, Adam Farrell, Joey O’Donoghue, Andy Hughes (0-1), Sean O’Donnell (0-2), Jack Kenny (1-0), Cian Leahy.