Junior A’s deliver judgement on Jude’s – Gizmo reports from Sancta Maria

“That was tough going”, said mentor Richie Connell following the second round of the league slash glorified friendlies against neighbours St. Jude’s. He went on to say, “I always look forward to a local derby, more for the unbridled violence than the football”. An unexpected reaction from the normally mild-mannered Connell.

Tough Start:

Ravaged by injuries and mysterious abductions to popular Irish party destinations, the Junior A’s had to reach into the dark recesses of the panel in order to cobble together 18 able bodied individuals. Jude’s made the short trip across the N81 to Sancta Maria while most of the Junior team made the long trip down the N17.

“We had a very nervy start recording just one solitary point from the boot of Richie O’Halloran” said gin-soaked lush and mentor Tony Duffy. He went on to say, “it was a festival of misfiring, and we were lucky to go into the water break just 3 points to 1 down.”

A tactical change after 15 minutes released Dean Ralph into a more roving role and freed up space inside for Hughes and O’Halloran. Points from Cullen and Hughes were punctuated by a coolly taken goal by wing back Mulligan-Lynch, following a sublime 30-yard pass from Callum Gray. Boden were now in the ascendency and led 1-3 to 0-5 at the break.

“We started to show composure in defence and the full back was rock solid under the high ball”, said full back Micky Dunne. He went on to say, “I have a soft spot for that new mouthy mentor Declan Maguire, it’s the swamp at the bottom of my garden”.


Injured player and chief motivator Kevin O’Reilly, gave a half time speech reminiscent of the movie Braveheart, not because of its content but the fact he was wearing a kilt, unusual attire for a Sunday morning in Sancta Maria

In truth, the 3rd quarter is where all the damage was done. Points from Cullen, Hassett and Ralph were overshadowed by a glorious team move that saw Maguire release Ralph and the second Boden green flag was raised.

“The defensive unit of Monahan, O’Donnell, Craven and McPartland under the stewardship of Gilheaney were superb. They thwarted numerous Jude’s attacks with a calmness and professionalism the like I haven’t seen in some time.” said club veteran Eugene Duffy, who, struggling to get by on a principal’s salary, is rumoured to be living in the undergrowth behind the far goal on the Prunty pitch. Woken from his slumber by the cheering crowd, he wished us well as he moseyed down the side-line, teeth in pocket, on his way to the dressing rooms for his morning shower and descaling.

The 4th quarter masterstroke of moving O’Maoileannaigh into full forward, yielded a further two points and blind panic in the Jude’s defence. As the half-arsed management team each tried to claim credit for this tactical genius, O’Maoileannaigh himself was overheard saying, “it had nothing to with the Three Stooges on the line, I was shattered and asked Fionnan to switch.” Proof, if ever you needed it, that this team runs itself and those three should be put out to pasture.

Final Score: BBSE 2-9  St. Judes 0-10

The lads that can’t afford a weekend away: Adam Farrell, Alex Craven, Michael Dunne, Barry O’Donnell, Luke Mulligan Lynch (1-0), David Gilheeney, Charlie McPartland, Callum Grey, Joe Maguire, Lorcan O’Maoileannaigh (0-2), Conor Cullen (0-3 (1xF)), Fionnan Keogh, Richie O’Halloran (0-1), Andy Hughes (0-1 F), Dean Ralph (1-1), David Monahan, Cian Hassett (0-1), Allen Kennedy, Peter Gannon

Next up: Ballyboden Wanderers away on Tuesday 6th July