Result: 3-08 to 1-05

The JBs kept the bandwagon rolling with an emphatic win in the league away to Na Fianna.The clouds were gathering as we left PUM and by the time we arrived at Collinstown the heavens opened and a force ten gale only added to the occasion. Certain players were asked by management to play out of their normal positions due to injuries and team-mates away. Our rock in the half back,James McTiernan was drafted into midfield for example. Having won the toss and selecting to play with the wind at our backs the game got under way. James was once gain winning ball abley assisted by young Kavanagh. Our forward line were out in front feeding off some excellent balk worked in from the industrious midfield. The brief from management was not to just lump the high balls in but to work it in at pace to our scoring zones. They followed this up by some well taken points from Bradley and McTiernan. Donal Mccarthy helped his team out by calmly splitting the posts once again in another outstanding display. However with conditions worsening our shot selections were slightly off target at times. Na Fianna were making inroads of their own but Bodens defence were rock solid. Aaron O’Reilly and Michael Dunne were calmness personified, intercepting the ball and setting up the counter attack. Young Donal took his first half tally to 1-1 with a well taken goal after some excellent quick hand passing out of defence. David Gilheaney was instrumental in a lot of our play and was constantly on the front foot. The ground was very soft under foot due to the constant downpour and made the game that more difficult but Boden went in at half time 1-6 to 0-1 to the good. What happened at half time to me summed up this amazing band of brothers. With the opposition heading to the comfort of the dressing rooms in the driving rain, the Boden TEAM said they wanted the half time talk out in the elements. Management gladly obliged. The team took the talk, players were given instructions. Na Fianna would have the wind in this half, our half forwards would have to drop back to help out the defence and go on the counter attack. Work the ball up to the forward line at pace, controlled aggressive football was needed. Boden were lined out as the opposition returned. Game on. Our defence were under pressure straight away as Na Fianna went on the attack. Selecting to shoot from way out the field, they tagged on points of their own. But our defence pressed hard and began getting the upper hand. Eoghan Buckley worked on instinct and dropped to midfield at times to help out. Ian Clarkes experience at half back settled on the ball and held the line. After the ball was worked into the oppositions half Donal got on the end of the pass and slammed the ball into the back of the net. Bradley split the post twice more to steady the ship. Na Fianna got a goal of their own after Alan Keane initially dove low to his left to palm the ball away, only for Na Fianna to get the follow up. Keane was in great form, making some crucial saves time keeping us in it. At one stage it was a 3 point game. The goal that killed the game for Na Fianna was an absolute stunner and for anyone watching, it was breathtaking to say the least. Alan played the ball short from a goal kick, collected by the corner back. Possession was the roar from management. Na Fianna retreated into their own half, Donegal style. Boden pressed. Ball passed from left to right, probing and recycled again. Possession kept. Again Boden passed the ball at pace, making inroads! Na Fianna just could not get their hands on the ball, frustrated like hell I’m sure. Boden players ran into pockets, attacking their goal area. After what was quite honestly 25 plus passes without losing possession, the ball made its way to corner forward Shane Kelliher who calmly hand passed to Eoghan Buckley who in turn let loose with a rocket of a shot and sent the ball into the back of Na Fiannas net. The roar could be heard over the low flying airplanes overhead. At least I can say I was there that day to see an absolute corker of a goal from an amazing group of players. The ref blew the whistle and to come away with a win against a very strong Na Fianna side in their own back yard is some achievement especially in the horrendous weather conditions. Confidence is high for sure. Up next is Stars of Erin in the Cup, another tough encounter. One game at a time on this great adventure. A great bunch of Men! JBs Abu! Report by Martin O Donnell.