Result: 4 13 to 1 17

The Third Policeman stands accused of only writing reports on matches that end in glorious victory for his favored teams. “Guilty as charged”  he cries, “who wants to read of suffering and miserable defeat?”

On Sunday Ballyboden’s junior D hurlers played Ballinteer St John’s in the second round of the championship, (there’ll be no mention here of the first round) The Ancient history of the club to the present to the future were represented on the team. Our eldest hurler; a mere fifty four, our most youthful, seventeen summers.

The match itself was nip and tuck for the first half, Ballinteer a point up at half time. In the Second half Ballyboden’s potent mixture of aged guile and youthful vigour proved to be the catalyst for victory.

Heartily the third policeman drank his pints that night and pondered on the nature of the day’s game and the nature of the team. Great values were on show this day, families hurling, community spirit, generations striving together, learners and teachers, the history of the club. You can’t bate that.