Membership Fee Structures 2015

Dear Member,

I am writing to you in order to outline a number of changes that will take place to the membership fee structures which will come into effect in 2015.The good news for all members is that despite ever increasing costs associated with the funding of our Club, that there will be no increase in membership fees for the year commencing 1st January 2015.

However there will be changes regarding the various methods of payment that have been in operation until now. The registration committee under the chairmanship of Liam Carter, will implement a new payment system, commencing on 1st January 2015, which will replace,  the current practices which are obsolete and far too cumbersome to operate. I will outline the changes that will take place in the paragraphs below

Yours Sincerely,

Brendan Moran, Club Chairperson

  1. Membership fee payments in respect of every category of membership (other than academy) must be made on-line using the service provider . A link will be provided from the membership page on the club website to the payment provider. The membership page will also include instructions on how to pay.The old fashioned methods of using cheques or cash or direct debit methods will no longer be part of the collection system. Most organizations, including Government Departments, now adopt the on-line systems as the preferred or only method of making payments. As one of the largest GAA Clubs in Ireland, we too must adapt to the more efficient methods of payment.

    There are many reasons why the Executive have agreed to implement a standardised system of on-line payment mechanism, however  the main reason is that the Club can no longer demand that the registration team, who provide such valuable work, continue to rectify the many flaws that occur when using the current practices of membership fee collections. Too much of their valuable time is consumed chasing endless queries.

  2. The second major change with the new system, is that there is no facility in future for payments by instalments. This means that whatever category your membership fee structure currently resides in, the amount shown must be paid in full. (See details below in respect of your membership details). The new system called Smart Club does not allow the facility for payments by instalment.

    This is one of the main reasons why the Executive have agreed that communication on this important matter be conveyed to all members as soon as possible, so that members are aware of this new requirement and can save or put monies aside for their membership fees.

  3. All members should have received by now their membership card, which applies to all members in the U 14 category and over. This card has it’s own unique identification number which facilitates you with your membership renewal. Unlike as occurred in previous years, you will not be given a new card each year. The card you currently have (or should have) will continue to be the membership card from now on and will remain active unless membership payment has not been received prior to the designated payment period each year.
  4. The period designated for payment, will be from 1st January – 31st March each year. Therefore this being the first year of operation, the payment period will be from 1st January – 31st March 2015. After this closing date, if a member has not paid their fees in full, they will lose all the privileges of being a member of the Club, until such time as the fee is paid in full.
  5. An exception will be made to point 4 above in the case where a member for genuine financial reasons, cannot afford to pay the fees in full. Any non- playing member who falls into this category, should email their concern to [email protected] . In the case of playing members, they should first of all contact a mentor of your team who in turn will deal with the matter through the registrar. All cases of this nature will be treated in the strictest confidence. However such hardship cases must be notified to the registrar on or before 31st January 2015.
  6. Finally for any member, who for whatever reason, cannot access a PC to carry out the payment on-line, the matter can be resolved in the following manner. A member should arrange to meet with the Club’s General Manager Noel Sheridan, who will facilitate payment through the Club’s PC.