Ballyboden St Endas 2- 11, Kilmacud Crokes 1- 11

The huge attending crowd were gripped by quality end to end top class football. This game could have done either way but in the end Ballyboden shaded it. The Boden boys proved that they wanted this more. They went the extra mile to tackle, turn over ball and took risks at important stages of the game.

It took 20 minutes for Boden to register their first score. In that time Crokes had breezed into a 7 point to no score lead following scores from frees and play and then a scored penalty to see them in control. Boden persisted and tagged on four points with frees from Ciaran O Reilly and John MacGinn and a beauty from Kevin Desmond from play. Boden soaked up a lot of Crokes pressure in that first half . Adam Farrell controlled the square and relieved time and time again with cleaver kick outs. Crokes midfield and especially their number 12 Cummerford were dominant. The tireless work of Killian Kirwan, David Ward, Seán Heeran, Ruairí Mac Mahúna and Matthew Fitzpatrick kept Boden in the game in an half where the Boden forwards were starved of possession. Dylan Dunleavy was also causing mayhem in the early stages before he retired.

Half Time score: Ballyboden 0- 4 ,  Kilmacud 1- 5

What a performance from Boden in the second half!                                                                                                                                                 This Boden group played their best half hour of football ever. They were relentless in their pursuit of the ball, scores and victory. Luke Grady and Kevin Desmond took over at midfield. Luke drove forward at every opportunity. Goal chances were created (Luke Grady/Luke McDwyer/Conor Lowe). Following points from Crokes and from Boden’s Enda Cashman, Ciaran O Reilly and the Lukes, Boden came within 3 points of Crokes. Then Aidan Garvey stroked for his first gaol. Level! Garvey and O Reilly were causing panic in the Crokes defence. Daire Lynch came of age in this second half. Playing the sweeper role, Daire read the game well and controlled possession. Jack Daly Kenny made a huge contribution winning ball down the field. David Ward worked tirelessly to curb the threat of Pádraig Purcell. Matthew Fitzpatrick scored a beauty. Seán Heeran, Kevin Captain Desmond and Killian Kirwan won the air and grew in confidence as the game went on. Conor Woods came in to add to the power. Then while points were exchanged, Aidan bomber Garvey goaled again and put Boden 3 points ahead with 2 minutes to go.  Oh my God! Not finished yet….. Crokes pushed forward again and worked a great move to set up a clear goal chance only for Adam Farrell to make a fantastic save. In the end, Boden held out and won the day. Hard work and perseverance, despite mistakes, prevailed from a Boden team that wanted it more saw them through to the next round.

Full Time : Ballyboden 2- 11, Kilmacud Crokes 1- 11

Ballyboden: Adam Farrell, Daire Lynch, Killian Kirwan, Ruairi Mac Mahúna, David Ward, Sean Heeran, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Luke Grady, Kevin Desmond, Aidan Garvey, Ciarán O Reilly, Enda Cashman, John Mc Ginn, Dylan Dunleavy, Luke Mac Dwyer, Evan Cullen, Jack Daly Kenny, Adam Carrigan,  James Kinsella, Conor Woods, Ciaran MacDonald, Conor Lowe.

Scorers: Aidan Garvey 2 0 ; Ciaran O Reilly 0 4; Enda Cashman 0 2; Kevin Desmond 0 1; John McGinn 0 1; Matthew 0 1; Luke McDwyer 0 1; Luke Grady 0 1;

Next Round: Semi final of  Under 16 A Championship away to Ballinteer St Johns.

Many thanks to John Kirwan for the photos. For more photos, see here