There comes a moment in the development of any team when the coaches look on and see that what was once a group of individuals has evolved into a single minded working group.

This moment arrived in the most unlikely of places for the U16 Div 1&2 ladies football team this weekend as the girls traveled together to the All Ireland ladies final on Sunday last. Many of the girls played a challenge match on Sunday morning before rushing off to ensure the make-up was perfectly applied before taking their place on the bus headed for Croke Park.

It was a fun trip from start to finish and although the result of the match did not go Dublins way this did not deter the girls from achieving their ultimate goal of the day…..chips and spice bags from Silvios.

With no input from the coaching team the girls pulled together to orgainse a feast fit for a king (or queen!!) while on the bus home. The orders were listed against names, monies collected, change returned and order placed before we got to Harold’s Cross. In the clubhouse tables were set up, cutlery set out and drinks ordered. Soon after the boxes of chips and spice bags arrived and were distributed in a civilised manner. And all done efficiently and orderly.

What a moment for these girls. What a display of readiness as a team. And it is against this unlikely background of teamwork that we step into the final week of preparation for our 2 semi-finals next Sunday.

The U16 Coaching Team

Next weekend its back to normal fixtures as the play offs commence  in the championship.  Best of luck to all teams over the next few weeks.  Full list of all fixtures are available on